Note: If you have not been given account information, you will need to request an account by clicking the School icon and then press the REQUEST key for a new account. If you received your account information already and would like to customize your account go to My Account on the blue menu bar.



To Customize Your Account:
1.  Go to My Account on the blue menu bar.
2.  Enter your address, city, state, zip code, cell phone information, and click Save. Note: To receive text message reminders, you must include your cell phone number, cell provider, and check the box "Allow Text Messaging". A reminder text will be sent out on Thursday prior to deadline if your lunch orders have not been placed.



Place Lunch Orders.



To Place Lunch Orders for your Child/Children:
1.  Login by using your user name (email address) and password.
2. Your child's/children's name should display automatically. If you do not see their names listed on the My Orders screen, you will need to add your children manually (See the section below for instructions). Lunches can be ordered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly for each child. Simply click Place Order Now for the serving week desired to display the lunch menu.
3.  Enter a quantity for each item you wish to order. Total cost for each item will display as you tab through menu.
4.  When order is completed, click Add To Cart at the bottom of the page.

 At this point, you can view your daily order, place additional orders, or continue through check out. Once an order has been added to your cart, you cannot edit the order. However, you can view your order and then delete it. (Note each child will have to be checked out individually).
*Orders will not be filled until payment has been made.  Any orders left in cart, not checked out, will be deleted on Friday, at 12:00 pm.



Setting up your Children's Accounts

Note: Orders are placed and billed per child, so if you have multiple children, you will need to set up an account for each child.


To add a Child Account:
1.  From the My Orders tab, you can add an additional child to your profile by clicking on the Add Child Account button, located in the lower left hand corner.
2.  Select your child’s school from the available school options.
3.  Enter your child’s information. Note: Be sure to select your child’s grade.
4.  Click Save.
5.  You will be given the option to add another child by selecting your child’s school, or you may return to My Orders to view your updated child list.



Editing Your Child's Account


Note: After creating your child's account, changes to their general information can be made by following the instructions below.


To Edit Your Child's Account:
1.  Click on My Orders to display your Child’s Lunch Orders.
2.  Locate the blue bar in the orders list which displays your child’s name.
3.  Click on the icon next to your child’s name to edit his/her account.

After changes have been made, click Save & Continue to update child’s account.

You can upload your child's picture by clicking MY Photos.  Click Add File and select desired photo.   Next, click Upload Now.  When the upload is complete, you will be returned to your child's Profile page.  Their photo will now display on their Profile page.


Changing Your Child's School or Lunch Period

Note: If your child changes schools, or moves up a grade level within the same school, changes to that child's account will need to be made. Those changes can be made by following the instructions below.


To Change Your Child's School or Grade Level
1.  Click on My Orders to display your Child’s Lunch Orders.
2.  Locate the blue bar in the orders list which displays your child’s name.
3.  The far right side of the blue bar displays your child’s school and grade.
4.  Click the icon next to your child’s grade to edit their school or lunch period.
5.  Use the drop down menu options to make necessary changes.
6.  Click “Save” to update your child’s account.



Text and Email Reminders


Note: These alerts will be sent out automatically to users that haven't placed an order for the upcoming week.


To Receive Text Message Reminders About Placing Orders:
1.  Click My Account from the blue menu bar and select Edit My Account.
2.  On the General Info screen, check the box Allow Text Messaging.
3.  Enter you cell phone number.
4.  Select your Cell Provider from the drop down menu.
5.  Click Save.


Changing Your Password

Note: If your account was created for you, then you were given a default password. Below are instructions on how to change your account password.


To Change Your Password:
1.  Go to My Account, on the blue menu bar, and select Change Password.
2.  Delete old password and key in new password to confirm password change.
3.  Click Save.